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Here we have a selection of links to projects of various sizes, each of which give a distinct insight into this (overarching) praxis. The ice hole magazine for example, seeks to articulate alternative means toward online dissemination methods, whereas MdR is first and foremost a deeply earnest research praxis into the question of archiving performance art and museology. As alternative examples, also present here are the Bern Biennale collaborative group on the commons, as well as a Vimeo channel displaying  further attempts to reconstruct previous performances on paper. These together exhibit a cocktail of performance art, documentary, literature, and experimental authorship. On the YouTube channel, one can observe three short films from the Gridiron series that especially document distinct impressions from outsider positions. For example, the film  of the performance reading at the Eigenreich theatre,  made by Rico Heinisch, expresses documentation as an interloping act. The event filmed by Heinisch resonates with his act, as it is itself based on a manuscript by Armin Chodzinski on the subject of work, basic income, and art. The performance Heinisch documented is a performance that, in one sense, sought to produce a literal reading of the manuscript. However, within the two days of its performance, the manuscript was processed through its collective reading together with Aureliusz Smigiel and around 50 participants / audience. The documentary film thus shows a group act held in the foyer of a theater – through which the rehearsal of reading established a production location – as stage, bar and auditorium simultaneously.

Reality research center Helsinki; Dampfzentrale Bern; Alliierten Museum; Lehrerzimmer; Humboldt University / NSU, Berlin; Archive kabinett; Agora and SAVVY contemporary. With Esther Neff, Adriana Disman, …